Sauces You Can Put on Anything! All You Need is Ruby T.'s!

Our History

About Our Founder: Joseph Moore


Kocamo Construction (now Kocamo Enterprises) is the parent company for Ruby T.'s Home-Style BBQ Sauces and was founded in 2004. The founder, J. Moore, suffering from health problems, gave up the construction business and decided to develop a new company in memory of his late mother, Ruby Thompson. Ms. Ruby, as she was endearingly called, was known for her great cooking and homemade recipes including preserves, casseroles and sauces.

Ruby T's is a family-owned business that makes various flavors of gourmet home-style barbeque sauces including a gluten free variety. These sauces have been in our family for three generations. Our sauces can enhance the flavor of seafood, pork, chicken, beef and vegetables. 

Our original flavor (which is now available gluten free on our website) is a sweet and tangy mustard-based sauce. Our spicy flavor is very similar to the original flavor but has an extra kick. Our products are multi-purpose sauces which can replace most condiments consumer usually use at home. Let us be your one stop shop for all of your condiments!